Atavist is based on the premise of living life to the fullest & having fun ... we believe one of the better ways to enjoy all that life has to offer, is to be as happy & healthy as possible

we are not here to tell you what specifically will make you happy & healthy (we'll leave that to your Mom) ... but we would like to encourage you to experiment & find out what true happiness & health looks like for you

our B.M.E. Collection showcases 3 charities that encompass the elements & spirit which make up the breathe. move. eat. initiative 

is something we are wildly passionate about ... as we mentioned before, we don't think the keys to living a happy & healthy life have to be overly complicated

breathe. simply means finding time each day to be present & mindful 

do it however works best for YOU 

move. is finding time each day to be a bit active 

do it however works best for YOU

eat. is consuming more foods that nature intended for us to eat 

do it however works best for YOU

 B.M.E. is not a specific mindfulness technique .... it is not a specific exercise routine ... it is not a specific diet ... it is simply a lifestyle concept ... it is whatever YOU want it to be 

OWN your lifestyle because it makes YOU happy & healthy ... not because it fits someone else's definition of well-being