we believe, together, we can elevate the quality of life for ourselves, our children & the planet ... this thought quickly became our core company value  


to honor that value, we pledge to donate 10% of the sales price of every item purchased to a CAUSE that shares our vision of a happier, healthier world 


we also kinda think its a neat concept to put the well-being of human's ahead of the financial well-being of investors or our own need for higher profit margins

why we think you're pretty cool

when you purchase our shirts ... you're not only making a statement about who you are & what you stand for, you're also flexing your consumer purchasing power muscles to help out some pretty rad non-profit organizations, trying to do some pretty rad things ... you're also gonna look stylish & be really comfortable, which we also think is pretty cool 

the t-shirt tells the story ... just click on the shirt you like to find out the cause associated with that purchase  



its kinda hard to enjoy the beauty of the world & the amazing things we've created if we're sick & unhappy ... sooooo, let's not be ... we're partnering with 3 charities for this collection to spread those breathe. move. eat. vibes



kids should only have to worry about kid stuff, regardless of their zipcode OR socioeconomic circumstances ... we think a child's biggest stressor should be whether they should play kickball or go down the slide at recess ... we love CRADLES TO CRAYONS for the work they are doing to ensure that EVERY child has the essential resources they need so they can focus on being kids


lets keep our 'house' clean ... THE OCEAN CONSERVANCY and THE NATURE CONSERVANCY are really good at cleaning up after us, so let's leave 'em a tip (and maybe try to make their job a bit easier too) 



we think it is incredibly important to YOU & our partners to be fully transparent when it comes to YOUR donations (don't feel bad that ya thought it, we got trust issues too) 

we decided that it would be best for our charitable partners (see above) if they didn't have to wait around for our success to start putting your donations to work ... so we decided that in an effort to keep them from waiting around, we would create a model that provides them the donation proceeds up front ... you're wondering, 'how'd ya do that' ... here's how, we provide the donations up front for every item we manufacture BEFORE we actually sell it ... does that make good 'business sense' for us?  prolly not, but we never clamed 2 b the smartest card in the shed ... and besides, we don't wanna be seen as a typical business, we'd prefer if you looked at us like your super fun friend that doesn't always make the smartest decisions, but you still like them because.......well, they're super fun 


so, rest assured YOUR donations are reaching the appropriate charities b/c they have already been sent (make NO mistake, just because we are sending that money up front does not change the fact that YOU are the donor, b/c at the end of the day YOU are the reason we can stay in business and continue to make YOUR donations!!!) ... we will continue to follow this model b/c it kinda feels right to us ... unorthodox, yup ... but that's what makes us fun & that's why you hang out with us 

**to honor our 'transparency' and our pledge to you ... if ya need or want additional information regarding YOUR donations, just ask us ... we would be more than happy to provide you with any & all info you would like**

we wanna hear your ideas for new CAUSES ... please contact us with what ya got OR if you're interested in collaborating